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Lawn Care Jackson MI | Pest Control | Lawn Service

In Jackson, MI, homeowners take pride in having immaculate lawns full of thriving trees and shrubs that add to a home’s curb appeal. At Scott’s, we know how important lawns are to our community. We are the only professional services you need to call to ensure that your lawns are everything you hoped for and more. Started in 2004 by owners Joe Kucik and Ken White, Scott’s is the number one lawn care and pest control services company in Jackson, MI. Our customers trust us with their lawns and landscape servicing needs. Scott’s uses only the most efficient products to ensure that the job gets done right, the very first time. Fertilizing your lawn as well as the trees and shrubs in your lawn is very important. This gives them the right nutrients they need to grow and thrive . The last thing you need is yellowing plants spoiling your curb appeal. With Scott’s Turf Builder, you can rest assured that all the fertilization needs of your turf are being met in just two applications a year. Renowned products like Miracle Grow Tree and Shrub will change the way you look at the greenery surrounding your home. In order for your plants, tree, shrubs and turf to grow and be green, weeds need to be eliminated . Weeds can be quite a problem for most homeowners because they grow fast and choke the life out of healthy plants. This is where Scott’s comes in. With special products like Ortho’s Weed Control, our professional services will help you bid adieu to weeds. Grubs, worms, and bugs are dangerous to plants. They eat through everything and leave a path of destruction wherever they go. Luckily , you have the experts in pest control at Jackson, MI just one call away. Root feeders like grub work in the sub-soil, and they need to be destroyed to prolong the health of your lawn. Once we conduct pest control and insecticidal services in the month of June or July, you can rest assured that they won’t be bothering your plants for a whole year. We offer you a 1-year guarantee on these services. While we deal with pests like root feeders and surface feeders with a strong hand, you don’t need to worry about us overdoing it. We work on Integrated Pest Management principles. This means we treat the turf only when it is needed . Are you tired of watering your lawn relentlessly to ensure that it stays green? Water Smart will help you stay smart while watering the lawn. This technological marvel is applied twice a year by professionals at Scott’s. It ensures that the lawn soil retains moisture and does not allow all of it to run off. Not only will it save you work, it will also stop water wastage. We have been a part of Jackson, MI community for years and we care deeply about the state of your lawns. Call the professionals at Scott’s for all your lawn care needs !

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